Saturday 30th May  2015
Weymouth Pavilion, Ocean Room

for information please contact the club's organiser, Stewart

Bring and Buy. Run by Laurence and Daryl. Only 10% commission, no booking in fee. Well displayed goods and experienced staffing.

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Games. A whole bunch of top games by top players. Thousands of hours of work to be seen and played here!
 The emphasis is on participation for everyone.


Charlie foxtrot models.  Buildings, bases and other things beginning with B.
Peter Pig
The square
Grubby tanks

Last Man Last Bullet  link

Mongoose publishing


Space Vixens from Mars
Peter pig...Vikings





Colin Maby

Mid Somerset Gamers   Early WW2


Matt Hay +Chas( Wessex Wyverns)

Hammerin’ Iron. 1/600th ACW ironclads


Peter Pig (French conversational society)



Nick - Yeovil (SSWG)

1809 Aspern (Essling). 28mm


Wyke Warlords (Weymouth)

Bolt Action WW2


Andy Tutton (SDMS)

“Encounter at Whitemarsh 1777”. Musket and Tomahawks game.


Roger Draper SSWG + Bridport Ravers

Seven years war in 28mm. Not the whole war.


Big Mike – levellers (leveller club)

Viking Raids “Longships”.


Stewart& Chris – levellers (Levellers

Battle of Mons 1914.  15mm. Square Bashing


Phil Deeprose (Bournemouth



Geoff (Dorchester group)

“Canvas and Wire”. Aerial WW1 game.



Coity Gamers.  Armoured Clash demonstration game.


Phil long (Mudeford Gamers

WW1 Dogfight


Gary Mitchell (Space Vixens group

STAB club with “Space Vixens from Mars” Meet the author and play the game.


Dave's Gang (Dorchester group too

A very British Civil war


Laurie Walsh (West country warrior)

Tour of Duty . Vietnam in 28mm


John Watson

Italian Wars


Other games too




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Previous Fisticuffs photographs.

Start of the day at the entrance. P Pig stall. Guy from bath with Sci Fi 15mm 20mm Russo Jap from Somerset.No that's Dave he is Russian. 28mm WW2 Russian Front  

The Portland gang . 25mm!

Dorchester 25mm ACW. A best game! Phil at Guildford Courthouse Setting up a war Matt Chariot (No Matt is not his real name) 25mm Quatre Bras
The Vietnam 25mm game. Laurie's crew! Busy BB   25mm Sci Fi   Stab group From Bournemouth. They run STAB in July.
AWI at Guildford courthouse. 25mm Dark Ages. Battlegroup South (They run the Bovington show in July) Rapid Fire Stonewall Figures(Mark) doing the Business
Top class participation with Smudger!!
(WW2 54mm)
Warhammer with Mike and Graeme Huge 54mm Chariot racing with Matt. lance and Longbow society 15mm game. Dorchester FIW again!
Confrontation game with Alex and co. Gary Mitchell. BBC playwright and Space Vixens author. 25mm Egyptian v Sea Peoples One part of the very big bring and buy (Larry + Darryl) A shot of the new Rapid Fire supplement displayed by the Author. Richard Marsh FIW. Dorchester Group.  25mm
Adam and co star wars! Sci Fi Society. SFSFW   Stewart runs a game of Poor Bloody Infantry 15mm WW2. Quatre Bras in 25mm. Mainly Minifigs. True 25mm!!!

Fisticuffs 2008



Photographs from Fisticuffs 2009.  These were taken before the show opened as it got too busy to do photos later.

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