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Peter Pig “The 15 Mill”

Click here to go to home page All figures and models are supplied unpainted. All standard packs are priced at £4.50 each and generally contain 8 infantry or 4 cavalry figures.  WANT TO CHANGE PACK (click here) CONTENTS? What's in my basket?


XX001 3 x 3 cm bases (square)
These are used for the majority of Peter Pig rule systems.   Usually infantry
40 Bases in a pack.   

XX002 3x 4 cm bases (rectangular)
Usually used for cavalry and equipment.
40 Bases per pack.   

 XX003 4 x 4 cm bases (square)
These are usually used for guns and generals
10 Bases per pack £2.50

The famous Piggy Dice £6       Pack  0f 12
Choose colour   All dice are 16mm size.   Piggy on the 6.     

16mm dice. Peter Pig first produced these dice with piggy head on the 6 (instead of the traditional 1 in 2003).  Another innovation from Peter Pig.

Black (xx201)

Dark orange (xx202)

Orange (xx203)

Kawasaki green (xx204)

British racing (dark) green (xx205)

Blitzkrieg (dark) grey (xx206)

Spitfire (light) blue (xx207)  

Mid blue (xx208)

Pink (xx209)  

Ivory (xx210)  

Yellow (xx211)

(XX004) Pair of choice dice
2 faces "I choose" 4 Faces blank.
Used when a player wishes to choose the location of the casualties inflicted. Used in some Peter Pig rules.

£1.50 per pair

Peter Pig 15mm figures
Peter Pig is one of the world's leading 15mm figure manufacturers.  We make 6000 different figures and models.  These are distilled into   1800 (15mm) packs. Every range has an associated set of rules. Also, there are related 15mm scenery ranges to accompany the figure ranges.  In these days of wandering measures of sizes into 18mm, 12mm and other sizes close to 15mm; Peter Pig has remained true to the 15mm ideal.  These other sizes are often an attempt by a manufacturer to create a market  for just their peculiar size. It is also used by sculptors who cannot work well with the 15mm size restriction and so need extra size in order to create acceptable sculpts. Peter Pig will continue to do 15mm wargame figures.  We will also constantly return to each range in order to carry out updates and additions.
Thus we have  15mm ranges with longevity and future potential.

Naval infantry

291. Naval infantry SMG

299. Russian naval LMGs


For the wonderful  Cossack range please go to the WW1 listings.

SCOUTS  and  Paratroops

Scouts are elite Russian infantry. Obviously they did a lot of scouting. In addition they were often used for particular missions such as seizing an objective. Scouts are in the two piece camouflage uniform. They could be painted as winter uniformed infantry too.

These figures can also be used for Russian paratroopers.  Russian paratroopers actually fought quite a lot of actions in the war. They wear this pilotka cap after discarding their leather jump helmet.

600. Scouts advancing SMGs

The Russian SMG was a hard hitting weapon with a range better than most SMGs of other nations.

601. Scouts kneeling SMG

602. Scout officers pistol

Russian officers were mainly pistol armed so they could concentrate on their job of leadership.

603. Scouts  NCO

604. Scouts grenades

605. Political officers (ie they have peaked hats)

606. Scouts LMGs

607. Scouts dead

608. Scouts rifles advancing

609. Scouts with SMG lying down

610. Scouts with LMG lying down

611. Scouts  50mm mortar

612. Scouts communications

The two kneeling figures make a radio team. The running figure has a message (hope the recipient can read).


613. Scouts AT rifles.

This is the PTRD AT rifle. It was used throughout the war and proved to be a pretty useless AT weapon. OK against lightly armoured vehicles though.

614. Scouts pack horses

This is one way in which scouts can carry all their equipment without needing good roads and motor vehicles.

615. Female snipers

These figures are al female. there is a male pack in the main Russian range.


649. Russian tank commanders( half figures 8 of)

150. Russian tank riders (4 strips= 12 figures)

284. Russians in greatcoat with rifles

285. Russians in greatcoat with SMG

286. Russians in greatcoat LMG

289. Russian greatcoat command

297. Russian greatcoat HMGs

584. Russian katyusha crew ( 8 men)

These are designed to be used with the Zvezda Katyuhsa rocker vehicle (picture here).

585. Russian AA MG + 2 crew (2 sets of)

 Click here to see instructions

for  assembly

586. Russian dancing group

620. Russian urban sniper teams  

621. Russians advancing under fire.  SMG

622. Russian SMG in quilted jacket


623. Russian NCOs


624. Russian SMG kneeling

625. Russian rifles advancing


626.  Russian kneeling
rifle firing

627.  Russian kneeling rifles pausing

628. Russian SMG advancing

629. AT gun crew


630. Artillery gun crew

631. Surrendering

632. SMGs in foxholes(6 pairs)

633.  Rifles in foxholes (6 pairs)

634. Rifles standing firing

635. AT rifles
(PTRD) Used throughout the war


636. LMGs advancing

637. LMGs kneeling

638. LMGs prone

639. Grenadiers


640. Dead


641. Officers in cap

642. Cape and SMG

643. Cape and rifle

644. Observation team

645. Dismounted tank crew

646. Panzefauste  

647. Higher command  

648. Officers kneeling

651. Medics


652. Armoured assault troops

653. Anti tank assault dogs

654. Flame  teams
Including chap with spare canisters.

655. Medium 82 mm mortars

656. Heavy (120mm) mortars

657. Light mortars (50mm)

658. Commissars

659. Hand to hand troops

660. SVT rifles advancing

661. SVT rifles kneeling

662. SMGs pausing

663. Russians having a break

664. MMG teams x 2




145.Gaz 4 wheel truck £4.50

New 1 piece resin version .... lovely

146. Gaz 6 wheel truck £4.50

New 1 piece resin version .... lovely

187. T34/76mm early type


188.T34 stowage

189. T34 /76 "hard edge"(1943 on)


190. SU122 assault gun


191. T34/85


192. T34 SU100 assault gun/tank hunter


219. Russian army tchanka


3 horses

crew in helmet and side cap.
The tchanka can use 2 or 3 horses. If using 2 horses, leave the wagon "stem" on. If using 3 horses then cut oft he wagon trail stem.

220. Cossack  tchanka


The tchanka can use 2 or 3 horses. If using 2 horses, leave the wagon "stem" on. If using 3 horses then cut oft he wagon trail stem.

312. Russian destroyed T34/85 (resin) £4.50

575. Destroyed T34. Early version (resin) £4.50

576. Destroyed T34 later version (resin) £4.50

590. Abandoned GAZ trucks
Great for scenery or as an objective.

650. GAZ  AA truck
(metal and resin) £6

665. GAZ truck with tilt (cover)   £4.50


147. 76mm A/T gun Russian

This is a general purpose gun, used right up to the front line.

361. Russian 37mm AT gun

This gun was based upon the German AT gun (clever Russians)


Range 8      Russians